The School

Founded in December 2017 by Dr Pamela O’Neill, the Australian School of Celtic Learning is a community-oriented educational venture.  Our vision is for a world where everyone has affordable and accessible opportunities to learn about the Celtic cultures.  We present the latest and best research in the field of Celtic learning to all of our students, whether their interest is genealogical, spiritual, historical or linguistic.  We offer study days, evening courses, residential immersion schools and overseas study tours.  Topics for our programmes range widely over subjects of Celtic interest, with a particular focus on the early medieval period, and on medieval and modern Celtic languages.

Our inspiration

Along with the rest of the Celtic Studies world, we were devastated by the loss, in August 2018, of our friend, colleague and mentor, Professor Anders Ahlqvist.  Here are some items written by our Principal, Dr Pamela O’Neill, about Professor Ahlqvist:

Anders Ahlqvist imithe ar shlí na firinne
Obituary published in Tinteán 2018

Vale Professor Anders Ahlqvist
Obituary published in Australian Early Medieval Association News 2018

Ollam na nÉces: Anders Ahlqvist and Celtic Studies in Australia
Article published in The Land beneath the Sea: Essays in Honour of Anders Ahlqvist’s Contribution to Celtic Studies in Australia 2013

Acknowledgement of Country

The Australian School of Celtic Learning acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land, seas and rivers of Australia.  We recognise that our activities take place on their land, over which sovereignty was never ceded.  We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders past, present and future.  We pay tribute to their importance in keeping and passing on knowledge, culture and heritage.

Is é tír bundúchasach i gcónaí an talamh seo.  Tugaimid aitheantas do mhuintireacha bundúchasacha agus iad leis an talamh ar a bhuilimid.  Tugaimid meas dá t-seanchaithe ó aois go h-aois.

Is e fearann tùsanach an-còmhnaidh am fearann seo.  Tha sinn a’ toirt urram do mhuinntirean dhùthchasacha a bhuineas dhan fhearann air a bheil sinn. Tha sinn a’ toirt urram dhan seanachaidhean tro na linntean.