Here is a selection of articles written by our principal, Dr Pamela O’Neill.  Click on the title in green to access the text of the article.

Early Medieval

Old Irish muirchrech, ‘sea-boundary’
Article published in Ériu 2017

A possible early medieval route across Scotland
Article published in Germano-Celtica: a Festschrift for Brian Taylor 2017

Control of the means of production in early Irish law
Article published in Studia Celtica Fennica 2013

Material culture and social development in early Irish law texts
Article published in Medieval Irish Law: Text and Context 2013

Unravelling time in early Irish law
Article published in Language and Power in the Celtic World 2013

Old Testament borrowings in early Irish law
Article published in Australian Celtic Journal 2013

The meaning of Muirbolc: a Gaelic toponymic mystery
Article published in Celts and their Cultures at Home and Abroad 2013

Peregrinatio: punishment and exile in the early Gaelic church
Article published in Australian Celtic Journal 2010

When onomastics met archaeology: a tale of two Hinbas
Article published in Scottish Historical Review 2008

St Vigeans no 1 and no 1a: a reconsideration
Article published in Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association 2008

Six degrees of whiteness: Finbarr, Finnian, Finnian, Ninian, Candida Casa and Hwiterne
Article published in Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association 2007

Landmarks of another kind: carved stones, setting adrift and early Irish law
Article published in ANZ Law and History Society e-Journal 2006

Reading cross-marked stones in Scottish Dalriada
Article published in Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association 2006

‘A pillar curiously engraven with some inscription upon it’: what is the Ruthwell Cross
The short opening and closing chapters of the book based on Dr O’Neill’s PhD thesis, published by British Archaeological Reports 2005

Boundaries, routes and sculptured stones in early medieval Scotland
Article published in Exile and Homecoming 2005

The political and ecclesiastical extent of Scottish Dalriada
Article published in Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association 2005

Historical reconstruction or imaginative recreation? The nineteenth-century approach to the early medieval
Article published in antiTHESIS 2006

Dimensions and distribution: aspects of Pictish sculpture
Article published in Between Intrusions 2004

From Bede to Bragg: the politics of literature about St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne
Article published in Literature and Politics in the Celtic World 2000

The Lichfield Gospels: the question of provenance
Article published in Parergon 1996

Book Reviews

Review of Barnwell & Mostert (ed) Political Assemblies in the Earlier Middle Ages

Review of Baxter, Karkov, Nelson & Pelteret (ed) Early Medieval Studies in Memory of Patrick Wormald

Review of Blanton Signs of Devotion: The Cult of St AEthelthryth in Medieval England 695-1615

Review of Boyd (ed) Ollam: Studies in Gaelic and Related Traditions in Honor of Tomás Ó Cathasaigh

Review of Boyle & Hayden (ed) Authorities and Adaptations: the Reworking and Transmission of Textual Sources in Medieval Ireland

Review of Bredehoft Early English Metre

Review of Celtica 27

Review of Chapman Stacey Dark Speech: The Performance of Law in Early Ireland

Review of Clarke, Blackwell & Goldberg Early Medieval Scotland

Review of Cubitt (ed) Court Culture in the Early Middle Ages

Review of Davis Mysticism and Space

Review of Evans, Fulton & Matthews (ed) Medieval Cultural Studies: Essays in Honour of Stephen Knight

Review of Follett Céli Dé in Ireland

Review of Hartmann (ed) Flora and Fauna in the Middle Ages

Review of Kleist (ed) The Old English Homily: Precedent, Practice and Appropriation

Review of Lang Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture VI Northern Yorkshire

Review of Lionarons Old English Literature in its Manuscript Context

Review of Mac Cana The Cult of the Sacred Centre: Essays on Celtic Ideology

Review of Mac Carthaigh & Uhlich Feilscribhinn do Cathal Ó hAinle

Review of McNally Ireland’s Ancient Stones: a Megalithic Heritage

Review of Minnis & Roberts (ed) Text Image Interpretation: Studies in Anglo-Saxon Literature and its Insular Context in Honour of Éamonn Ó Carragáin

Review of Mulder-Bakker & Wogan-Browne (ed) Household, Women and Christianities in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Review of Ní Bhrolcháin An Introduction to Early Irish Literature

Review of Noone (ed) Nicholas O’Donnell’s Autobiography

Review of O’Connor The Blessed and the Damned: Sinful Women and Unbaptised Children in Irish Folklore

Review of O’Halloran Golden Ages and Barbarous Nations: Antiquarian Debate and Cultural Politics in Ireland 1750-1800

Review of Simms Medieval Gaelic Sources

Review of Sobecki The Sea and Medieval English Literature

Review of Stout & Stout Newgrange

Review of Van Egmond Conversing with the Saints: Communication in Pre-Carolingian Hagiography from Auxerre

Review of Watson The Celtic Place-names of Scotland (introduction by Simon Taylor)

Review of Woolf From Pictland to Alba 789-1070

Other Publications

Introduction to Fír Fesso: A Festschrift for Neil McLeod 2018

Anders Ahlqvist imithe ar shlí na firinne
Obituary published in Tinteán 2018

John Clugston 1942-2015
Obituary published in Australian Celtic Journal 2016

Ollam na nÉces: Anders Ahlqvist and Celtic Studies in Australia
Article published in The Land beneath the Sea: Essays in Honour of Anders Ahlqvist’s Contribution to Celtic Studies in Australia 2013

Owning cultural property: whose past; whose future?
Unpublished article 2011

Preface to Celts in Legend and Reality  2010

Law and history: why isn’t rape shield legislation working
Article published in ANZ Law and History eJournal 2008

A sense of place: monastic scenes in Irish-Australian funerary monuments
Article published in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand: History, Politics and Culture 2007

Michael Davitt and John Davitt Jageurs
Article published in Australasian Journal of Irish Studies 2007

National religions and the survival of stone sculpture
Article published in Nation and Federation in the Celtic World 2003


Here are a couple of recordings of our Principal playing Gaelic folk songs on her treble recorder many years ago: ‘The Bens of Jura’ and ‘Lag nan Cruachan’ (with baritone Robin-MacKenzie-Hunter).