Our People

Dr Pamela O’Neill


Our Principal, Dr Pamela O’Neill, holds five university degrees, including a Doctor of Philosophy in Celtic Studies from the University of Sydney.  She is an honorary research associate in the Medieval and Early Modern Centre at the University of Sydney, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, and was awarded the honour Duine Urramach by the Celtic Council of Australia.  Pamela is series editor of the Sydney Series in Celtic Studies, co-editor of the Australian Celtic Journal, senior deputy convenor of the Celtic Council of Australia, vice-president of the Aisling Society of Sydney, vice-president of the Cornish Association of NSW, committee member of the Irish National Association of Australasia, member of the  Australian Standing Stones Management Board and public officer of the Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society.  She was founder, president and journal editor of the Australian Early Medieval Association, which has made her an honorary life member.

Pamela’s research interests centre around the early medieval history, archaeology, law, language and literature of Scotland and Ireland.  She is also interested in the contribution of Celtic migrants to Australian history and culture.  She has travelled widely throughout Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and England.

Pamela broadcasts on Glen Innes and Deepwater Community Radio 2CBD on Sunday mornings.

Pamela’s ORCID record is at https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1499-1354 and she is on Academia.edu at https://sydney.academia.edu/PamelaONeill.  To see examples of her research and writing, see the Publications section of this website.

Natalie O’Neill


Our Design and Communications Coordinator, Natalie O’Neill, holds a Diploma of Photo Imaging from Billy Blue College of Design. Natalie has travelled in Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall and England and is very interested in Celtic myths and legends, Celtic art, Irish language and history. She deals with emails, registrations, organising the term events, the website and the social media accounts. She teaches some events, such as the Drawing Celtic Knots workshop. Natalie took many of the photos in our brochures and on our website.

Our website photos

Most of the photos on this website were taken by our Principal, Dr Pamela O’Neill, in Ireland and Scotland, at sites of early medieval significance including Castlekeeran, Ireland.  Some photos were taken by our Design and Communication Coordinator, Natalie O’Neill, and a few by some of our students and audience members.