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Sunday 2 December
Holy Islands – Iona and Lindisfarne Study Day

At the centre of Saint Columba’s federation of monasteries and churches, the island of Iona was a centre of learning.  We will spend the first half of this study day with this beautiful island and its intriguing history.  In particular, we will discuss the complicated history of the church in Saint Columba’s time, and investigate the many early medieval and later artefacts associated with Iona.
The tidal island of Lindisfarne was settled by monks from Iona at the invitation of the king of Northumbria.  It came to be of central importance for Christianity in the north of England. We will explore the background of Lindisfarne’s establishment and its role in the development of Christianity in England. Lindisfarne is the place of origin for many important early medieval manuscripts including the Lindisfarne Gospels, and we will look closely at manuscripts and other artefacts from Lindisfarne and the surrounding areas.
11.30-1.00 – Saint Columba and Iona
2.00-3.00 – Iona artefacts
3.15-4.15 – Lindisfarne: history and place
4.30-6.00 – Lindisfarne artefacts
Canberra Irish Club, 6 Parkinson Street Weston
$95 ($65 student/unwaged) – please register in advance
includes lunch, afternoon tea and booklet
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Sunday 13 January
Who were the Celts? study day

A day-long introduction to the culture of the Celts, focussing on bronze-age, iron-age and early medieval language, art and archaeology.  We explore questions of identity, location and time period.  We investigate archaeological sites for what they can tell us about Celtic culture.  By looking at artefacts we identify the distinctive art styles associated with the Celts.
11.30am-1.30pm – chronology, geography and lifestyle
2.30pm-4.00pm – archaeological sites
4.30pm-6.00pm – art and artefacts
Canberra Irish Club, 6 Parkinson Street Weston
$95 ($65 student/unwaged)
Booklet, lunch and afternoon tea included
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